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Interactive Documentary Environment

gold extra is working on the documentary online performance Docuscape. We are currently researching it, production will take place in late autumn 2022. In Docuscape we would like to take up and further develop topics that we dealt with in the piece Border Grid (→ to the project):

We deal with personal destinies and stories that have been affected and shaped by borders and border conflicts. We are currently conducting interviews and background discussions and developing technical implementations, e.g. as part of Mozilla Hubs.

The project is supported by the Digital Call 2021 from BMKÖS and the State of Salzburg. Individual stations of the project will be published and publicly discussed in order to give an insight into the technical implementation and the dramaturgical methods. A first publication will take place as part of a lecture in the SZENE Salzburg in September 2022.

Funded by the Digi Call of BMKOES and Land Salzburg






Land Salzburg

Docuscape is an interactive documentary environment, in the form of an online Performance, published 2023.


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