The "AI & Creation" project is dedicated to researching and artistically exploring artificial intelligence.

"Find myself through Mozart" is an artistic-visual and scientific project.


Internet Gaga

As part of the project urban reSearch, Reinhold Bidner explores the city in a documentary way and emb

gold extra has been producing art for the digital space for many years. A good opportunity to weekly present a digital artwork.

What was going on in the 21st century? A well experienced team of future archaeologists reconctructed the 20iest aniversary exhibition of artist group gold extra for the gallery pro arte.

Where do we feel strange and why? Is the unknown surprisingly much too close to the familar?

Feedback&Disaster is a multi media online platform
On a regular basis: discussions and dresentations on different locations.
The classic three cylinders of a rebuilt slot machine display European situations of very personal crisis management with contributions from Wales, Spain, Roumania, Germany and many more.