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Interactive Documentary Environment (currently in development)

by Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Sonja Prlić , Karl Zechenter with Mara Vivas, Haydeé Jiménez and many more.

World premiere: 21-24.3.2023

Co-event with ARGEkultur Salzburg.


Docuscape is a performative digital experience that combines virtual Escape Rooms with documentary film. The game form is modified from Escape Rooms, which means that in each room a certain task has to be completed in the group in order to advance to another room. In these rooms, the players* experience documentary content, intervene in scenarios, take on roles, solve puzzles and meet people with different borderline experiences.

The audience accompanies the dancer and choreographer Mara Vivas on a digital journey through her biography, which is characterized by border crossings, and also encounters other people in spaces of fear, frustration and hope, whose fates are shaped by borders and the desire to arrive somewhere.

Based on networks and people that gold extra met while working on the interactive theater piece Border Grid (→ to the project), the artistic team, together with partners from Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Great Britain, Thailand, Iran and Ukraine, deals with questions about border experiences and how a digital format can be used as a common exchange and meeting place for different people.

As a technical platform gold uses extra Mozilla Hubs.

The project is supported by the Digital Call 2021 of BMKÖS and Land Salzburg.







Land Salzburg

Docuscape is an interactive documentary environment, in the form of an online Performance, published 2023.


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