Citizen Science im Kontext von kritischer Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung mit Jugendlichen

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Round Table - Citizen Science in the context of critical art and cultural mediation with young people

The Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2018 takes place from 01.-03. February at the University of Salzburg. It is organized by the University of Salzburg in cooperation with "Austria research", "Switzerland research", "Citizens create knowledge", the "Center for Citizen Science" and the FWF.

Under the motto "Generation Citizen Science", the focus should be on how to get people excited about the method and individual projects.

Chair: Laila Huber (University of Salzburg), Co-Chair: Elke Zobl (University of Salzburg); with Karl Zechenter and Sonja Prlic, among others


  • "Making Democracy. Negotiating Freedom, Equality and Solidarity among Young People "(Elke Smodics)
  • Urban-rural child. An Intergenerational Ethnography on Desired Landscapes (Martina Fineder, Luise Reitstätter)
  • "Art and Culture Education in Focus" (Ivan Pasuchin, Sonja Prlic and Karl Zechenter)
  • "Making Art - Taking Part! Artistic and cultural interventions by and with young people for the production of participatory publics "(Elke Zobl, Laila Huber)