André Leipold

André Leipold is interdisciplinary artist working as author, dramaturge concept writer and musician.

In the group “Zentrum für Politische Schönheit“ he is “privy councillor” and responsible for developing ideas, the setting of conceptual frameworks in all parts of the production (writing texts, staging and public representation) and coordinating artists. In this function he developed the term hyper-real theatre.

Leipold studied history, politics and sociology at Humboldt-University Berlin. In different disciplines his work follows the themes perception and communication as well as the exploration and utilization of collective consciousness. At the moment he develops the science-fiction play “Faust III”.
As producer, singer and writer he and his co-musicians (a group emerging from the band project “Kreismal“) work on a metaphysical rock opera titled “Die Vorahnung”.
In addition, Leipold is involved in several social and theatre pedagogy projects and works together with partners on new concepts for communications consultancy.

Music corresponding with his article for wewrite: the song „Echolot“, taken from the studio session „Vorahnung 1“: