Interactive Documentary Environment
Storycase is a prototype for an AR project that artistically explores the narrative possibilities of AR and multiple objects.
Installation Sense by Reinhold Bidner und Karl Zechenter at Museum Fronfeste

A collection of animated short films, that were created by Reinhold Bidner in the last years:

The Geschichten-Krampus (The Storied Krampus) is an interactive sound installation concerning experiences of Krampus customs in Salzburg, Austria.

gold extra has been producing art for the digital space for many years. A good opportunity to weekly present a digital artwork.

What was going on in the 21st century? A well experienced team of future archaeologists reconctructed the 20iest aniversary exhibition of artist group gold extra for the gallery pro arte.
Mixed Reality Spiel von Kaktus Landoo & gold extra. Künstlerische Forschung und kollaboratoves Kunstprojekt mit Jugendlichen (Kreative Mediengestaltung) der NMS Lehen, Salzburg (Austria)
A net art project and digital game in which artists of different branches work on projects of the counter speech against Hate Speech. The network of women wants to oppose the misogynistic and racist discourse in the games sector.
The interactive installation and media artwork covers the past and future utopias of places and people in Salzburg through a documentary research.