Award Ceremony International Main Prize Cultural Fund Salzburg

  • gold extra Auinger Credits Herbert Rohrer-Wild

On January 24th, 2022, the award ceremony of the Salzburg Cultural Fund took place in DasKino Salzburg, where gold extra was awarded the international main prize for art and culture.

Angela Glechner, director of Szene Salzburg about gold extra:

"You absolutely have to see them," a colleague said to me after I pitched my tent in Salzburg. They meant the group gold extra, which was founded in 1998 and early on made – now established – formats and aesthetics their artistic credo: On the one hand, this counts

process-based development of projects that are characterized by long-term and profound research. On the other hand, gold extra is committed to interdisciplinarity, which continuously and consistently combines digital media, film, theater, performance and games in the most innovative way. Furthermore, they create participatory settings that involve the audience in the theatrical events and, through their playful formats,

arouse the desire to participate. And then there is the collective form of cooperation, in which the different artistic strengths and interests of the individual participants complement each other perfectly. So today I can say with complete conviction: "You absolutely have to see them".