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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms now permeate almost all areas of a technologised society.

Gold Extra invites you to a workshop dedicated to the topic of "AI - potential, practice & dangers".

The audio installation explores the complex relationship between technology and tradition: ancient tradition meets ancient AI.

The interactive installation ChatGT - do while() human dreams, (GT for Georg Trakl) created by Tobias Hammerle, offers a bridge between artificial intelligence and literary art, inspired by the melancholic works of Georg Trakl.

It's this time of the year again: The new BRIEFS call is out! This year under the motto "DEATH". So if you have always dreamed about developing a game about death, this is just the right opportunity to do so. 

The questions/answers cover various aspects of applying to Briefs, including eligibility, experience requirements, development timelines, legal considerations, and the judging process. They also address specific inquiries about game types, engines, financial concerns, and ways to improve one's chances of selection.

Reinhold/gold extra will be active at the Diagonale in Graz over the next few days.

On March 15 and 16, 2024, further performances of our interactive immersive documentary experience ONCE UPON UNSTEADY GROUNDS take place as part of the Digithalia Festival of Schauspielhaus Graz.

On Tuesday, 27 February 2024 at 18:00 the Asifa Salon Reini Bidner will take place in the ASIFAstudio at Dapontegasse 9, 1030 Vienna: under the motto "ASIFA Austria members intro

We are pleased to present our four-part podcast series "AR Communities", which is dedicated to a fascinating topic: Augmented Reality (AR) as a technology and philosophical concept in the context of games, art and culture.

Once Upon Unsteady Grounds at Open Lab by V2- Lab for Unstable Media

On 3 February, gold extra was a guest at the Future Lab of the Schubert Theatre in Vienna.

Yay, our online performance Once Upon Unsteady Grounds is happening again in the new year of 2024:
You can attend it from the comfort of your own home on the following days:

In this talk F. Wiesel (Hanke Wilsmann & Jost von Harleßem) discuss with Sonja Prlic how stages and actors function in the digital space.

We are pleased to announce Tobias Experimental Short Documentary "Find Myself Through Mozart" has been awarded an Honourable Mention at the Covent Garden Film Festival in London. 


We are excited to report a special presentation of "Once Upon Unsteady Grounds" (OUUG) as an interactive online theater piece for the Master's students in Digital Arts at the University of Hagenberg.

Does technology help or prevent the creation of utopias? How does web- and location-based augmented reality work? How can public space be designed in a participatory way and how can AR support this?


a walk through the dreamlands
Interactive Fiction

On 21 November, guests were invited to an interactive performance at the Künstlerhaus. A Draft Zero of 'Black Book', the new project by gold extra, was tested. The premiere of Black Book's final version is planned for 2025. 

Quite a lot happens & happened with Internet Gaga this Autumn, here is a summary since September:

gold extra is represented at this year's ZIP-SCENE conference in Prague with a talk on "Once Upon Unsteady Grounds".

The video introduction to Once Upon Unsteady Grounds developed by BORG Oberndorf was honoured with the Culture Connected Award by OeAD!

On 12 October at 17:00, Sonja Prlić will give a lecture as part of the lecture series "Possibilities and Challenges of Aesthetic Education" at the Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark.

Talk with Melanie Bartl, Milo Loder and Andreas Rauscher at the Science Meets Fiction Festival: 25 Sep-8 Oct!