The Fallen

Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine's disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen forces the player into a confusing skirmish that

Future Rearview - A retrospect into Future

The interactive installation and media artwork covers the past and future utopias of places and people in Salzburg through a documentary research.

Andrea Hofer

Andrea Hofer, the story time of Tyrolian feminism, is a lecture performance by Martina Brandmayr and Karl Zechenter: Andrea Hofer, has she actually lived? And do Tyrolian marksmen and -women follow her? Experience yourself if the time is ripe for this female icon after 250 years waiting.

The Station

 You’re in space! But why? And how did you get there? “The Station” is an interactive sci-fi novella set in turbulent times ...

Sole City

From Darkness

FROM DARKNESS takes you straight to the streets of the metropolis Nairobi. We release an Alpha version of their documentary single-player

random? - the apparant, the arbitrary and the impossible.

Confidential documents by the EU Commission, Burglaries in India, Application letters by opera singers from Dubai - how did all of this material reach us? How is it connected? Is it at all connected?

gold extra visits...

On a regular basis: discussions and dresentations on different locations.

We write, right?

We write, right? is a web-based journal with texts by artists.
From January 2015 on, essays are be published online regularly.

Totem's Sound

PC Game and DiscoveryTour With a Tablet