Where do we feel strange and why? Is the unknown surprisingly much too close to the familar?

Ein Netzkunstprojekt und digitales Spiel, in dem Künstlerinnen unterschiedlicher Sparten an Projekten der Gegenrede gegen Hate Speech arbeiten. Das Netzwerk aus Frauen möchte sich dem frauenfeindlichen und rassistischen Diskurs im Games-Bereich entgegensetzen.
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The interactive installation and media artwork covers the past and future utopias of places and people in Salzburg through a documentary research.

Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine's disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen forces the player into a confusing skirmish that

FROM DARKNESS takes you straight to the streets of the metropolis Nairobi. We release an Alpha version of their documentary single-player experienc

Starting Points: Documentary VR

A Robot Musical in co-produced by ARGEkultur, Open Mind Festival

Sephiroth is a solitaire style game that uses a classical Tarot card deck.