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BRIEFS is an annual series of microgames and this is its first, inaugural pack! We hereby offer you a lineup of fantastic games short enough to brighten your evening and deep enough to consume your weekend. 

Find the BRIEFS 22 bundle HERE.

The 2022 theme is ABSURD and yes, a rhino with yellow swimming briefs wearing an inside out shopping bag is considered absurd. Enjoy a literal Sisyphean typing game or enter the seventh dimension when encountering a long sinister cube thing. But don’t  despair (yet), it's not all depressing and addressing the futility of life. The absurd part is also about making games wrong, ignoring the mainstream notions of how we should develop them.

Made by a dedicated group of developers with very varied sets of experience, skills, and sensibilities. You will find something for your taste, no doubt.

Commissioned by gold extra and co-sponsored by Strange Scaffold.

Curated by Georg Hobmeier and Evgeni Puzankov.



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