Briefs23 - a microgame series!

  • pigs

Curated by Georg Hobmeier and Evgeni Puzankov.


The 2023 BRIEFS winner games are:

  • When They Fly - an absurd game about finding proof that pigs CAN fly - by Cuatro Assets
  • Eid - a visual novel/walking simulator about faith and difficult decisions - by hatimb00
  • Xenograft - a Scifi Rogue like card game - by spiders

You can find the games on the BRIEFS website:


The theme 2023 is PIGS

What do you think about when you hear “PIGS”? I’m sure you’re going to start with cops (if you are American) or communists (if you are Russian). Maybe Ms. Piggy! We encourage you to go beyond that and explore what PIGS can mean. The Briefs team doesn’t want you to make a specific game, we want your take on the theme. What game can be viewed through the lens of PIGS, with protagonist PIGS, with villainous PIGS, with important PIGS? What game can be about PIGS? We’re very excited to see your pitches because ...

PIGS are propaganda.

PIGS are communists, capitalists, fascists, rebels, peasants, royalty, English, German, French, Russians, Americans, everyone.

PIGS never see the sky above the horizon.

PIGS are the most compatible organ donors to humans.

PIGS are truffles and greed.

PIGS are cute, feral and wild.

PIGS are symbols, PIGS are style, PIGS are enlightenment.

PIGS rule farms.

PIGS are Satan.

PIGS are anyone or anything we’re told to hate and dismiss. PIGS are the swinish embrace and the stubborn rebellion.

PIGS are us. PIGS are punk. PIGS are legends.

Better be a pig than a fascist.” Porko Rosso

Further Reading, Listening, Watching:

Porko Rosso, Ghibli
Spirited Away, Ghibli
Animal Farm, George Orwell
Journey to the West, Wu Cheng'en
Beyond Good and Evil, Ubisoft
Hogs of War, Infogrames
Piggies, Beatles
War Pigs, Black Sabbath
Any propaganda
Any cop media
And so much more.



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