Diagonale Graz 2024

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Reinhold/gold extra will be active at the Diagonale in Graz over the next few days. As part of the Diagonale Film Meeting 2024, an internal group of around 20 people will discuss the current situation of animated film in Austria in the Animation Think Tank.


Think Tank by: Austrian Animation Working Group

(Improvement) potential in the production of Austrian animated films

Animated film offers a wide range of possibilities to tell stories from a different perspective and to realise experimental ideas in an innovative way. In Austria, too, more and more animation filmmakers are impressively demonstrating this every year. However, the framework conditions for the production of professional animated short films in Austria are difficult, the working processes are often strongly characterised by idealism and there is not always an understanding of animation not only as a ubiquitous technique but also as an artistic category in its own right.
These and other factors in need of improvement will be discussed in this think tank by independent representatives of the Austrian animated film scene as well as protagonists from various animated film institutions, including Anima Plus, Asifa Austria, Best Austrian Animation Festival, Pixel Vienna, Tricky Women, gold extra and teachers from various educational institutions.