Enthüllung Local Crisis Machine

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May 2, 2013, 6.30 pm; Bildungszentrum St. Virgil /// The Local Crisis Machine will be presented to the public on the occasion of the opening of the congress "Art of Participation". The media installation by Karl Zechenter, Sonja Prlic, Reinhold Bidner and Ivo Francx turns a slot machine into an crisis intervention: Pulling the lever of the one armed bandit, the players can watch interviews from all over Europe on the topic of the European debt crisis: How does the crisis concern us personally, which changes do the interviewees wish for and how can these wishes become reality? Speakers at the opening include Dr. Walter Spielmann and LH Mag. Gabi Burgstaller. The Local Crisis Machine is the Robert-Jungk-Art-Project 2013 of the state of Salzburg.