GAME TALK: Kris Hofmann - Augmented Reality, Insects & Us

  • Kris Hofmann
  • AR Installation Insects & Us
  • Kris Hofmann
  • Bookworms

Friday, October 7, 2022, THE CINEMA. 19.30h

GAME TALK with Kris Hofmann - Augmented Reality, Insects and Us

Lecture by Kris Hofmann and Talk with Sonja Prlić and Kris Hofmann
(in German)

In the foyer of the cinema AR installations by Kris Hofmann can be tried, experienced, played!

How does one succeed in grasping the daily reality of the climate catastrophe? Kris Hofmann's augmented reality animated film Insects & Us invites you to observe insects in their simple but essential tasks for our ecosystems. It features four renowned scientists talking about how these tiny creatures around us shape our world.

How can we perceive what we actually already know? How do science and art come together here? Kris Hofmann deals with these and other questions in numerous, often award-winning works. In her extraordinary augmented reality experiences and animated films, we get to know insects and bookworms or learn the history of food over breakfast.

In conversation with Sonja Prlić, Kris Hofmann talks about her ideas and experiences and introduces her new augmented reality story.


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