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For “MargaReden” around 30 residents of Margareten - Vienna´s 5th district - were interviewed and photographed. For this project Reinhold Bidner walked through Margareten again and again (equipped with a recording device and a camera) and he spontaneously asked and spoke to the residents on the streets and in the squares of this district. The interviews dealt with Margareten on the one hand, but also with daily life questions and conversations (e.g. "Have you been proud of anything today?" Or: "What is your biggest problem at the moment?"), which enabled both the interviewer and his counterpart to gain or open insights into previously unfamiliar aspects of life and emotions. 

MargaReden subjectively creates a polyphonic, multi-perspective image of a colorfully mixed district, which on the one hand can be used as a metaphor for many places in Austria and Europe, but on the other hand also highlights the uniqueness of this particular district.

At the first presentation at Schaustelle (in Vienna - Margareten), a multifaceted mood picture of these often personal conversations was presented, which brings the audience closer to a wide variety of views and also tries to overcome boundaries that are mostly drawn in one's own head.



MargaReden - Vienna´s 5th district


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