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Nodeotes is a tool for organizing scientific and creative notes. In addition, it can be used for content-related structural development for creative projects, as well as in a pedagogical context. It consists of a flexible number of school bags to accommodate index cards or sticky notes in DIN A6 format. These modules can be labeled by inserting strips of paper into a transparent tray. Each module has four zippers. They have a square shape, at the four known each sewn a zipper. So the bags can be combined with each other and individually folded. The result is a spatial thought structure, in which the loose notes are classified. A likewise with zipper adaptable closing part makes it possible to tie up the whole package and to take with each discussion, or as a mobile desk to every place.

Lilian Wieser: Idea Project coordination and content development

Georg Hobmeier: Consulting, structural development of the project

Sönke Ahrens: scientific advice

Ute Neuber: artistic advice

Isolde Mayer: cutting development

Fabrizio Atzara: Cutting Development and Technical Implementation

Graphic: Leonie Schlager

Production: gold extra

Nodenotes - ein textiles Zettelkastensystem


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