Open Studio: Talk with Brian Main - Approaches to Illustration

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OPEN STUDIO, Oct., 16th, 19:00h gold extra Studio, Künstlerhaus

Brian is a native of Detroit living in Vienna, where he’s been living and working for the past 17 years. In that time he’s been freelancing for an extensive list of clients in Europe and North America. In his capacity as an illustrator, designer, and animator he has worked on numerous game projects as well as advertising campaigns. He most recently contributed assets to the award winning
“Old Man’s Journey” for Broken Rules and “Path Out” with Causa Creations. He has also self-published “Lil’ Red – An Interactive Story”, an acclaimed storytelling app.

Brian studied at Savannah College of Art and Design and teaches painting and composition at Illuskills – Vienna’s illustration academy.

A distinctive feature of his work is the smooth transiion between analogue and digital techniques, evidently in his storytelling app "Lil' Red". After showing some of his professional work, Brian will discuss his artistic process, techniques and approach to illustration.