Salzburg Walk as part of Holiday Research, Fundustheater Hamburg

  • gold extra Walk With Us in Salzburg

Walk With Us - in Salzburg

As part of the participatory artistic research project "Permission to Leave. A holiday research" by Esther Pilkington at Fundustheater Hamburg, gold extra invites Hamburg`s audience to take a digital real walk through Salzburg.

Sonja, Charlie and Paul will take you on a tour through Salzburg: Together we will explore both world-famous and top secret paths on the plains and at dizzying heights. We won`t miss out on tourist highlights as well as on our own personal favorite spots. We look forward to walking with you!

Permission to Leave. A holiday research

A project by Esther Pilkington as part of PABR (

Vacation ... We are ready for a vacation. But what is it actually - vacation? Why do we want vacation, how do we go on vacation? And above all: How do we want to go on vacation in the future?

In a collective research phase with interviews and excursions to the city of Hamburg with children and adults, vacationing is examined more closely.

New holiday experiences in your own city can be tried out in various experiments, games and walks. You can choose from an offer of overnight accommodation ("apartment swap") and activities ("Looking for traces", "In 10 pictures around the world" and "Walk With Us") to create moments of vacation - other perspectives on everyday life, encounters with people in other places and a change of scenery.