Sonja Prlic at: Models of Artistic Research Panel/Workshop

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Models of Artistic Research

Participants: Lilia Mestre, Mariella Greil, Arno Böhler, Sonja Prlic, Anita Kaya, Elfi Eberhard, Lisa Hinterreithner

Artists, Promoters and Scientists focus on the methods and effects of artistic research. Artistic Research is a fairly new branch of scientific exploration and might as well be taken as a melting pot of approaches of a most different kind, related to each other in the artistic experience of an ongoing work process including activities by the artist as well as the spectators.
The workshop will be open to the public.
The workshop is held in English.

Statement of the curators:
tanzbuero is going to hold an “exchange day“ on artistic research in Salzburg 27 May 2017.
We, Elfi Eberhard and Lisa Hinterreithner organizers of tanzbuero, are therefore inviting artists, organizers and initiators who work in the field of artistic research. We ask these experts to introduce and share their ideas, practices and experiences on and about artistic research in form of short presentations. Furthermore we will prepare a catalogue of questions which will next to upcoming questions and thoughts function as a base of discussion. tanzbuero will moderate this debate. Thereby we are interested in anyalysing the currrent situation as well as brainstorming together on possible developemtents of artistic research for a closer and further future.
Excerpt of the catalogue of questions:
What is our common understanding of artistic research nowadays really?
How can artistic research strengthen the arts in regards of visiblitly, criticality and social developments?
In which ways can artistic research exist independly from academic institutions?
What is the link between artistic research and art production?


Quartier Rauchmühle, Gailenbachweg 9, 5020 Salzburg
12:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Promotor: tanzbuero