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"The lights are grey, the strong now fray,

The cities marred, the corpses charred,

And all’s decay in death's grim play.”

German Mercenary in the Thirty YearsWar 

Magdebörg is a single or cooperative tabletop roleplaying experience where you step into the shoes of a Magdeburg city dweller during the city's catastrophic sacking in 1631. The game embodies an eclectic mix of influences, drawing substantial inspiration from DARK FORT by Pelle Nilsson, the creator of MÖRK BORG, and numerous games operating under the Powered by the Apocalypse mechanic, including Shawn Tomkin's Ironsworn.

Your mission in Magdebörg is to rescue as many townsfolk as possible while the imperial troups savage the city, guiding them to the sanctuary of the  cathedral, a location the murderous looters won't dare to enter.

Be prepared for an arduous challenge. Anticipate setbacks and failure. The quest is daunting, but it's your determination that will define the story.

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Magdebörg has been created by a small crew of artists:

  • Georg Hobmeier - Creative Lead
  • Zsombor Sváb - Design
  • Eliot Baum - Cover Art
  • James Patton - Editing

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Save the innocent in this gruesome solo RPG!


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