"borderline art(ists)" A talk at gold extra Studio & Live gig with Minuit de Lacroix

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Hellbrunner Strasse 3, Künstlerhaus, 2.Stock

How far can we go as artists? Unfortunately, this question isn't meant to be understood philosophically. It rather insinuates the universe of oddities, barriers and difficulties that artists are exposed to, when they want to work outside of their home country. But all those challenging and art-threatening laws and regulations also have a positive flip side: they reinforce our sense of resistance and make us creative. 

Tobias Hammerle introduces some of his highly mobile artist friends from different corners of the world, and invites you to listen to their peculiar, shocking and humourous life stories and have an exchange around the subject: Art(ists) and Borders.
Invited are: (partially live, partially via Skype) 

  • Haydeé Jiménez (US-Mex > now Mex/US border area)
    is a cultural producer, transdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur
  • Minuit de Lacroix (MEX > now in Austria)
    is a Mexican singer-songwriter, composer, music producer, actor and media artist. 
  • Mara Vivas (Venezuela > now UK)
    is a Choerographer and independent dance artist and researcher in London
  • Mirko Lazović  (Serbia > Now Netherlands)
    is a media-indifferent artist living and working in Amsterdam

After that, the northern mexican sound pioneer Minuit de Lacroix will present his electronic live set, also, of course, fitting to the topic.

Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen!