Exhibition - "The Why Cycle"

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The Why Cycle“ - Visualized Thoughts on Animation in Austria


For „The Why Cycle“ various Austrian Animation-Artists were interviewed on their view concerning possibilities to do animation in Austria. Questions about the „Why“, individual career-aspects, the „inner drive“ or the general conditions for animation in Austria were answered in quite different and sometimes humorous ways, and in the next step these answers were animated and visualized by Reinhold Bidner for the Asifakeil.


... but once you really get into it, it is like you can´t do anything else, you just wait that you get up and get back in your studio and animate and get lost in this world, so for me it is also some kind of a meditation. I love animation.” 
I still don´t know why I chose animation over all the other possibilities, I think it´s because there are still all the possibilities inside animation. So in fact I did not have to decide, I think it´s for people who cannot decide, so they stay in animation, kind of.”

Besides indivdual statements about the works of the interviewees this project is about the diversity of the art form animation, about the passion for it, about plans and coincidences in order to carry on with this passion, or also about personal strategies to "survive" in this field. 

Animation, Music & Concept:
Reinhold Bidner

Thanks to/ with statements and visual fragments from:
Claudia Rohrmoser, Nikki Schuster, Daniela Leitner, Felix Weisz, Raphael Vangelis, Didi Bruckmayr

Thanks to/with statements from:
Bady Minck, Thomas Renoldner, Stefan Stratil

Opening & Talk: Nov 14th 2017, 7pm, Raum D / Q21 Museumsquartier bzw. Asifakeil/Q21 MQ

Exhibition: Nov 15th 2017 – December 31st 2017, Asifakeil/Q21 Museumsquartier, 10 - 22h






Supported by:

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Asifa Austria

QDK (Quartier für digitale Kultur)

Q21 Museumsquartier

Wien Kultur