Exibition: "From Darkness" in Salzburg at W&K

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A game station and background footage from our research journey will be presented at Kunstraum enter, Art & Science, Salzburg. University of Salzburg in Cooperation with Mozarteum Salzburg

Opening: 15.10. 2015, 19:00

Duration of Exibition: 16.10.-15.11. 2015

Exibition room enter, Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft und Kunst, Bergstraße 12, Salzburg, Austria

After the work the our prize winning game Frontiers, gold extra currently works on a new game/interactive documentary project. "From Darkness" was awarded with the Salzburger Landesmedienkunstpreis 2012 and shows east african realities of life in Kenia and Uganda - an area in between booming region, victim of vicil war and conflicts over resources. 
In 2012 gold extra conducted a research trip to east Africa, at the moment the team works on the advancement of the project. Further information will be released on this website within the upcoming months.
Link with the trailer for the project

Supported by the Austrian Development Agency