From Darkness at Art Game Demos Lyon

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From Darkness is presented at Art Game Demos in Lyon, a soirée dedicated to artistic games on borders and migration as part of the Nuage Numérique Festival.

Art Game Demos

Art games demos is a soirée imagined by Isabelle Arvers and Chloé Desmoineaux, dedicated to video art, video games and prototypes as well as performances. It will take place in bars, art spaces, book shops, alternative spaces, one per month. We’d like to gather a new art community around video/web based artworks and video games.

Open to students, emerging artists, developpers, game developpers:

video/web based artworks,
2D, 3D, 4D, VR
Glitch, hacks, alt ctrl
indie/expe/in progress video games,
installations prototypes
music related to videogames.