Presentation of Storycase at Digital Spring Festival, ARGEkultur Salzburg

  • Storycase gold extra
  • gold extra Storycase presentation ARGEkultur Salzburg 2022-03
  • gold extra Storycase presentation ARGEkultur Salzburg 2022-03

As part of the media art festival Digital Spring, we present Storycase, our artistic research on augmented reality.

What can objects tell, what can they tell with each other and in different combinations? How can we playfully follow a story and help shape it? gold extra deals with these questions in the experimental augmented reality prototype STORYCASE.

In a lecture, Sonja Prlić, Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle and Karl Zechenter present STORYCASE as a playful installation: The artists explain their approaches to interlacing digital and analog approaches when playfully dealing with objects in the different levels of play and storytelling. The project was created in an artistic research process together with the programmers Sabrina Loder and Christian Knapp (Causa Creations).

Viewers have the opportunity to explore the installation themselves and uncover the stories of several objects, including the typewriter, cactus and sneaker. The various current areas of application and possibilities of augmented reality, including the context of museum presentations and cultural mediation, will be discussed in games, lectures and discussions.

The event will also be streamed.

A co-event with ARGEkultur Salzburg