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  • Storycase gold extra ARGElultur Salzburg 2022-03


Artistic research, AR project

Storycase is a prototype for an AR project that artistically explores the narrative possibilities of augmented reality (AR) and multiple objects. gold extra is developing a sample project as part of the Digital Call 2020 of the State of Salzburg and the BM KOES to interlink digital and analogue access in playful handling of objects and the related narrative levels: How can one or more objects tell a story? What does the combination of elements do? How can players work together or leave traces and memories for themselves and subsequent players?

These are the questions that gold extra processes in a two-month prototype process and brings into an AR application. We are particularly interested in the manipulation and combination of different elements as a narrative strategy. The presentation is particularly aimed at colleagues and museum contexts in which AR applications for communication are increasingly used.

The artistic project

As an artistic project, Storycase tells the stories of five objects that deal with the themes of finding, losing, throwing away and reusing. An old typewriter, a shoe, a dinosaur, a money bag and a plastic flower open up perspectives that lead us, starting from personal find stories by gold extra artists, to larger social contexts and the journey of objects across the globe. Storycase is an XR game project that combines AR applications with a media room installation and participatory elements.

The project has been presented in lectures in spring 2022.


Funded by BMKOES



Artistic research, AR project


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