Sense - Exhibition at Museum Fronfeste

  • Installation
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Reinhold Bidner and Karl Zechenter show the installation "Sense" as part of the exhibition "Hautrkontakt" in the Museum Fronfeste. Bidner and Zechenter have long been involved in various projects with the transition from analog material, working with analog means to digital experiences. In "Sense" they deal with loop-like images that imagine ever new skin variations on a piece of leather and sounds that involuntarily trigger tingling, prickling and goose bumps.

The themed exhibition "Skin Contact" presents tools and workpieces from one of the last tanneries in Salzburg together with works by artists who deal with the subject of skin and touch in a variety of ways. The exhibition started as a work in progress that will grow over a year with contributions from artists.

"Sense" will debut on Thursday, November 11th in the exhibition.

Opening Hours Museum Fronfeste:

Thursday: 10-12h
Friday till Sunday: 14-17h

From July 2021 to August 2022