We'll release and publicly present From Darkness at ZKM / Karlsruhe!

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On thursday, we will publicly present From Darkness for the first time at ZKM in Karlsruhe.
From 12th of january, the Interactive documentary will also become part of the exhibition "Gameplay".

"The interactive documentary »From Darkness« by the Austrian artist group »gold extra« takes you straight to the streets of the metropolis Nairobi. The capital of Kenya becomes the starting point of a compelling investigation exploring the lives of journalists, shop owners, community workers, and urban refugees. Players experience these real stories through a fictitious character: a mother, searching for her missing daughter who worked in this region for many years. Through her eyes we can interact with street children, politicians, doctors, NGO workers, restaurant owners, and refugees, who share their insights in interactive interviews.

This exciting interactive journey is produced by the Austrian artist group »gold extra« who are widely recognised for their documentary games and installations, such as »Frontiers«, »Totem's Sound«, »Sole City«, and for various works in European museums."