Who should we trust in the age of artificial intelligence? – Workshop

  • Wem noch vertrauen in zeiten von KI? - Workshop
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Who should we trust in the age of artificial intelligence? – Workshop

Generative artificial intelligence, social media, fake news and algorithms are increasingly shaping our everyday lives and influencing the way we perceive information. But how does this technological development affect our trust? Are people turning away from traditional sources of information because AI-supported algorithms increasingly exploit human weaknesses and erode trust in favor of polarizing currents? Conversely, what are the positive potentials of AI?
In the workshop “Who else to trust in times of artificial intelligence?” Tobias Hammerle and Gottfried Schweiger deal with these and other questions. They discuss what influences algorithms and generative AI have on our perception and what measures can be taken to strengthen or restore trust in (digital) content.

After the introductory impulses from Tobias Hammerle und Gottfried Schweiger, the audience is invited to actively participate in the discussion. Together we want to work out what steps can help to ensure the integrity of information in the digital world.

The workshop will take place on June 6th at 2 p.m. in the St. Virgil Education and Conference Center Salzburg and is part of the “Digital Challenges and Social Responsibility” event series. All interested parties are warmly welcome.