Bomber Looks Down

  • Bomber Looks Down

Bomber Looks Down is an anti-war game by the russian game designer Evgeni Puzankov and gold extra aimed at challenging the idea of a romantic war. It explores the cost and ethics of “morale” warfare and different belligerents’ attitude towards it.

In the game, you take control of a giant bomber in the midst of a senseless and cruel environment. You accompany the artificial intelligence Ia aboard the bomber as she grapples with her destiny, the CO and the senseless war she can't help but take part in.

While the game has elements such as bombs or the military, it is primarily a visual novel-like game with an emphasis on storytelling. You take part in conversations from Ia's perspective and choose the answers. However, since Ia is an artificial intelligence (AI), your responses are limited and controlled by her programming. This approach is completely absurd from the ground up. You control the most advanced bomber there is, but have no options for action.

This is because Bombers are planes bereft of romance. Bombers look down to aim. Bombers only release bombs. Bombers look down to confirm. Bombers look down. Bombers look down. Bombers always look down. Bombers drop bombs. Bombers bomb. Bombers bomb and look down. Bombers never avert. Bombers look down.

What emotions does this evoke regarding war?

This project is part of the "The 5th Commandment" series, a cycle of short games that address the nature of war and killing.

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