Doris Prlic

Doris Prlić *1984 in Salzburg lives in Amsterdam and Austria, works as artist, curator and researcher. Doris studied fine art and cultural studies in Linz, Den Haag and Rotterdam and is currently enrolled at the research master Art Studies/Artistic Research at UvA/Amsterdam. Challenging modes of displaying art as well as defying methods and conditions of artistic production are intrinsic questions of Doris Prlićs work. As artist, curator and researcher her main focus lies on art in public space, sound art, sound performance and theoretical reflection on artistic production. Doris Prlić realized projects in public space for the "Festival of Regions 2009", the afo - architekturforum oberösterreich and co-curated the "Sprawl-Festival" in Innsbruck in 2011. In addition to that she acts as publisher of the online-compilation feedback&disaster.

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