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Social AR is an augmented reality research project that deals with sustainability, globalization and social + environmental issues. The aim is to research A.R. game concepts and to use simple game mechanics to reach the following target groups: children or young people playing with each other or with adults. Knowledge should be acquired jointly by means of communication and the A.R. info level, for example on the following topics: Nutrition & Health / Technology / Transport / Behavior: Dos & Don'ts.

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By installing the Artivive App this image can trigger Augmented Reality content:

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Our global world has become increasingly complex, the current corona situation and the associated media discussions do not make it easy to separate facts from fake. This project aims to research how games, communication and AR (in the form of well-designed animated InfoGraphics) can convey social and socially relevant content in an innovative and fact-based manner. Social AR is intended to activate players to ask themselves questions about sustainability and to recognize global relationships.



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