Sophia Reiterer

Sophia Reiterer, born in 1996 in Merano, has been living in Salzburg since the autumn of 2015. She moved there for her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, which she completed with distinction in 2018. She immediately pursued her Master's in Communication Studies, graduating with distinction in 2021. Currently, Sophia is working on her doctoral thesis on the representation of bodies in podcasts. Her research focuses on Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, and Inequality Research.

Since the autumn of 2022, Sophia has been involved in the AR Communities research project, hosted by the inter-university institution Science & Art (Mozarteum and Paris Lodron University of Salzburg). Together with Sonja Prlić and Karl Zechenter, she explores how public spaces can be playfully transformed and the role technology can play in this process. Previously, Sophia was involved in two other research projects at Science & Art: Cultural Participation in Salzburg (September 2020 to May 2021) and Spaces of Cultural Democracy (September 2020 to August 2022).

Since the autumn of 2023, Sophia has been a lecturer at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. With students of the Nutrition – Movement – Health program, she delves into cultural studies questions surrounding food, nutrition, and the body. In the Communication Studies program, she and her students focus on planning diversity-sensitive and feminist content productions.

In addition to her research and teaching activities, Sophia Reiterer regularly engages in creating films, podcasts, and texts. In June 2021, her film "(K)ein Heimatfilm," co-produced with Tara Dirala and Alexandra Embacher, was awarded the Audience Prize at the Juvinale Salzburg. For the AR Communities research project, Sophia has produced a podcast series featuring various guests. She has also written several articles for the "MO-Magazine for Human Rights" on topics such as pushbacks, statelessness, and the challenges faced by single parents and poverty.

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