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Transdisciplinary research project between Artistic Research and Cultural Studies to explore the field of participatory use of digital technologies in public space, generation of critical knowledge production and cultural participation through games.

The project is carried out by gold extra and Wissenschaft & Kunst, program area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production, funded by Land Salzburg, Department of Culture and Science.

Team: Sonja Prlić, Sophia Reiterer and Karl Zechenter.

The goal of the collaboration of social science research and artistic research is to explore the participatory potential of digital games in communication, awareness raising and the expansion of social participation in public space in the context of playful applications.

In this way, "AR Communities" builds on experiences from the research project "schnitt # stellen", which explored questions of synergy between media arts practice and young people's media practice in a school context.

"AR Communities" explores playful approaches that connect digital spaces with local and regional spaces and that enable the use and co-creation of these hybrid spaces. The research project is designed to expand the cultural potential in Salzburg. By means of participatory research, the conditions will be worked out how people can express their own issues, needs and requirements in regional and digital spaces. The digital transformation brings with it a profound change. We want to shed light on those questions of digitality that further develop the artistic and social potentials that lie in the use of digital media and games.

Artistic research, cultural studies, digitalization, cultural participation, participation, media arts and games.

Research questions:
What experiences do people have when they articulate and make visible their concerns in public space by means of augmented reality games? How can augmented reality be used as a transdisciplinary research approach between art, digital media and cultural studies in the sense of expanding the scope of action?

4 years: October 2022 - September 2026, Preparatory research, Practice projects with accompanying research and reflection, Evaluation, Dissemination.


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