Tools of Subversion

Tools of Subversion is a feminist game installation. Four female artists worked together to offer new forms of resistance against hate websites.

Future Rearview - A retrospect into Future

„Future Rearview – a retrospect into Future“ is an interactive installation and media artwork that covers the past and future utopias of places and

Sole City

random? - the apparant, the arbitrary and the impossible.

Confidential documents by the EU Commission, burglaries in India, pplication letters by opera singers from Dubai - how did

gold extra visits...

On a regular basis: discussions and dres

We write, right?

We write, right? is a web-based journal with texts by artists.

Feedback & Disaster


Open Studio - Talks about researching Art

Talks about researching art

We open our studio again for Talks and Discussions about researching Art.

I Work As

Soundperformance by Doris Prlić