Podcast series AR Communities

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We are pleased to present our four-part podcast series "AR Communities", which is dedicated to a fascinating topic: Augmented Reality (AR) as a technology and philosophical concept in the context of games, art and culture. Hosted by Sophia Reiterer, this series offers an in-depth exploration of the multiple dimensions and implications of AR in our living environments.

The podcast series emerged from an intensive phase of research and networking in the AR Communities project, in which Sonja Prlić, Sophia Reiterer and Karl Zechenter came across a large number of experts working with augmented reality (AR). During these processes, it became clear that there was a wealth of fascinating perspectives and projects that were worth making accessible to a wider audience. The podcast series was therefore published as part of the gold extra podcast "The Art Wire".

In four approximately 1-hour episodes, personalities from the fields of game development, research, art and culture will be guests to share their unique perspectives on AR. The guests include Irina Paraschivoiu (Paris Lodron University Salzburg and Polycular), Florian Jindra (FH Salzburg), Jascha and Litto (Systemkollektiv and Artificial Museum) and Christian Knapp (Causa Creations).

From technological developments to philosophical reflections, from utopian visions to real-life projects, each episode offers a multi-faceted discussion and a deeper insight into the world of AR.