Stranger Home

  • STRANGER HOME - ab 6.Juni / Sommerszene Salzburg
  • Concept Art - Stranger Home
  • Concept Art - Stranger Home
  • Concept Art - Stranger Home
  • Happy to announce we will cooperate with Pie Lab - FH Hagenberg
  • App Mockup
  • VR Development in Progress :)

Where do we feel strange and why? Is the unknown surprisingly much too close to the familar? Stranger Home is a three-part interactive game of urban experience. The performative part takes place with the audience in public spaces, the game can also be played and experienced participatory as a mobile app. A third part is concerned with artistic research about our dealings with the unknown in an VR environment.

The concept for "Stranger Home" was granted an award in the programme Podium 2017 of the county of Salzburg.

It is a project by Tobias Hammerle with Reinhold Bider, Sonja Prlic, Karl Zechenter and Martina Dähne, Dorit Ehlers and many more.


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