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Poor species

Media performance, cooperation with Theater theaterachse, piece by and with Mathias Schuh

Hybrid theater

The actor and author Mathias Schuh creates a view of the world in the year 2037 in “Arme Arten”. The “point of no return” with a temperature increase of over 2 degrees has been reached, it was not a turning point. Now, to everyone's surprise, exactly what climate researchers have been predicting more and more accurately and emphatically over the years has happened. “Fridays for Future”, saving the rainforests, the climate, and the animals shaped the youth of the protagonist Jonas, who now laconically trained in survival begins with a lecture with the inventory of the destruction of the habitat. What distinguishes the solo piece “Arme Arten” is the calm and at the same time haunting insight into the many personal, family, social and global facets of climate change, which Mathias Schuh impressively intertwines.

Cooperation with gold extra

In cooperation with gold extra, a play version of the piece was developed that can be played as a hybrid version. This not only takes into account the current restrictions caused by the pandemic, but also develops a game version that maintains the intense quality of the live version and expands it with elements that make precisely those utopian moments that characterize the piece more prominent.

Together with Mathias Schuh, Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Sonja Prlic and Karl Zechenter have developed a hybrid media theater that fluidly combines film, drama and zoom conference and consciously plays with the various levels of this communication and technologies. From winter / spring 2022 Mathias Schuh / theaterachse will perform the piece in their repertoire.

About the author / actor:

Mathias Schuh, born in Vienna in 1966, lives as a director, actor, musician, author, qigong teacher and guitar maker in Salzburg. Graduated from acting studies at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz with a diploma. Founding member and head of the theater axis. Engagements at the Linz State Theater and Theater Phönix. Author of over 30 plays. Austrian Prevention Award 2010 for the play "Self Guilt" on the subject of bullying and violence at school. Head of the Theatertage on the Mildenburg in Miltenberg am Main.


Cooperation, hybrid theatre


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