The first parts of our 2021 production Border Grid is being tested in ARGEkultur Salzburg, Austria.
Discover secret places in Salzburg! Download the app Stranger Home Salzburg in your app store and start the adventure!
Future Rearview is an interacitve walk through Salzburg. Come and stroll on a virtual map of Salzburg and discover hidden memories, stories and utopias.

Reinhold´s animated short film "Time o´ the Signs" yesterday received a Jury Special Mention in the international competition at Animakom Fest Bilbao.

The Mixed Reality Game The Truth Part 2 is awarded with a Prix Ars Electronica, Young Creatives Award U14.
During an artistic research for the Humboldt Lab in Berlin gold extra embarked on an adventure called Totem's Sound that takes you to the American north-west in the late 19th century.
In the second edition of Weekly Pandemic Pleasures we are presenting Future Rearview, a virtual walk through the past and future of Salzburg. For all you who are locked in and out.

Due to meassures against the Coronoa virus the presentation of Black Day on March 19 and 20 is cancelled.

BLACK DAY is a series of three mixed reality games, mixing elements von board games, adventure, media art and graphic novel.
NEW DATE: January 2020 - Georg Hobmeier speaks about the world of cards and the occult by candle light.

Sonja Prlic and Karl Zechenter give an input on the topic how games can be used as tools for inclusion. As part of "Dialouge 2019", an initiative of the county of Salzburg. This day's theme is: Thinking integration further.

Animated Films by Reinhold Bidner are going to be shown in November and December 2019 at the following Festivals or Events:
November 27th 2019: "In Trance it" at Animasivo Festival Mexico City

Today, Reinhold Bidner´s Musicvideo "This is love" for Crystn Hunt Akron will premiere at Ars Electronica Center´s Deep Space in Linz at 8pm.

In his exhibition at Schaustelle Vienna Reinhold Bidner presents two of his most recent works: the documentary photo and interview project "MargaReden" and the photo book "Subtext III".
This Open Studio offers an insight in 20 years of interdisciplinary art by gold extra.
200 years are over - what is gold extra up to now?
Talk withJames Patton and Karl Zechenter (20h). Open at 19h: Indie Games of Cyberpunk genre
In the E-Journal participate you can read an interview by Dilara Akarçeşme and Timna Pachner with Sonja Prlić.

ORT[N]UNG - a Timelapse-Experiment by Reinhold Bidner and Tobias Hammerle:

What was going on in the 21st century? A well experienced team of future archaeologists reconctructed the 20iest aniversary exhibition of artist group gold extra for the gallery pro arte.