PC Game and DiscoveryTour With a Tablet

Feedback&Disaster is a multi media online platform
The classic three cylinders of a rebuilt slot machine display European situations of very personal crisis management with contributions from Wales, Spain, Roumania, Germany and many more.
Monthly talks about researching Art
Soundperformance by Doris Prlić
is a piece by Tommy Noonan in cooperation with gold extra, Studio Blixa 6 and enthusiastic encounters.

Frontiers is an online multiplayer game that leads its players to the borders of Europe. It portrays a refugee itinerary from the sub-Sahara region to Europe. 

The dark result of an expedition are 99 texts and the same number of photographies, which are brought together in the form of a book...
SUBtext is Reinhold Bidner´s ongoing personal series of photographic daily life encounters.
July 2005. Theater-Performance, IG-Farbenbau/Uni Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main.